How Do You File USPS Complaints By Using Phone?

USPS Complaints by Phone: United States Parcel Services or USPS is a US-based state-owned courier agency that renders courier services in the United States. USPS is responsible for handling all courier related services and delivering packages or mail throughout the United States.

You will rarely see anyone or household who has not benefited from USPS services or where the USPS has not arrived, and because of that, the USPS is known as the US Post Office.

USPS Complaints By Using Phone

USPS has a very wide network, and since it is a government-owned body, USPS is obliged to reach out to every person or household in any US state and deliver their packages.

Being the largest government postal body, the USPS has formed a Customer Service Support Department, where customers can call for any query or lodge their complaints about any USPS services.

Just as USPS is bound to serve the entire United States with its same postal services, so if any customer has a complaint, it is the USPS’s responsibility to highlight that complaint and resolve it in the customer’s favor.


If you have any queries or complaints of any kind, you can register your complaint by reaching any of the options given below.


  • You can file a complaint by calling 1-800-877-8339 USPS phone number.
  • You can reach the local USPS Post Office Station Manager and lodge your complaint there.
  • You can mail your complaints or write a complaint letter to the USPS Postal Service Consumer Advocate.
  • You can file or make your complaint by following any of the above methods, and the USPS will take the necessary action to resolve the related complaints.

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