UPS Tracking : Top Ways to Track UPS Package

UPS is popular for packages due to its excellent customer services like UPS tracking and has been serving people for 100+ years since 28 August 1907. UPS is a parcel delivery company that is also a provider of supply chain management solutions. UPS founder James E. Casey established this messenger company to provide a sound mail delivery system for the United States. Now, the company is offering its services in more than 200 countries worldwide, such as freight service, courier service, logistics services, etc. Over-delivery—fourteen million packages per day to their customers. But now, due to the internet, everyone is updated about the news around the world, and courier services are also spreading around the world, and a perfect example of this is UPS.

When the package is processed, it traveled through many locations and stages, and it troubles people until their parcels are safely delivered. To avoid this, Ups provided its tracking service to get step-by-step updates on your package online. Most regular customers are aware of this service, but those who are still unaware about this UPS service, read this article to know this and how it works and the various ways through which you Can easily track your package.

About UPS tracking service

UPS tracking is a service that provides you information about the current status of your package. This service used after the package you have sent for delivery, so make sure your package is in UPS; otherwise, you will not be able to benefit from it. The service is free and available with all types of package and shipment options. Therefore, you need to know what the tracking methods are, choose the more suitable one, and start using it.

After your package submitted to UPS, you will get the tracking number for UPS tracking ID each of your packages. Then UPS scans this number at every stage of package delivery and keeps records. Using this , you can track your package at every level through various methods suggested by UPS.

To use this service, you must also know where to get this tracking number and how to use it to track your shipment. Before discussing various methods for tracking packages, let’s talk more about tracking numbers.

UPS tracking number format

A tracking number is a unique number assigned to a package through which we can easily track the status of a package shipment. It is used by many companies worldwide, but the US, FedEx, UPS, and UPS use it extensively. Now you may be wondering how this process works? Every time a package arrives in UPS, they assign it with a tracking number, and this number is provided to the customer, using which they track their shipment until they reach their final Do not reach the destination. What does this tracking number look like? If you are questioning, I was also searching for the same questions a few days ago. So I want to tell you that, for their tracking number, UPS has a format. I get more information about it which given below:

Tracking number if UPS is typically found in 4 formats as given below:

  • 1Z999999999999999999
  • T9999999999
  • 999999999
  • 999999999999

If your tracking number is not in one of the formats shown above, it may be different. The tracking ID of a UPS usually starts with “1Z,” and 6 numbers after 1Z is the shipper number, followed by the service level indicator with the number 2 representing the shipper number. Service level codes meant to indicate which parcel selected for which service. The 8 number immediately after the service level code is the unique number assigned to each package.

Following are some types of tracking numbers that can be tracked by UPS and can contain 7 to twenty characters according to their different format:

  • House Air Waybill: – The Air Freight Movement Service uses this number to track.
  • House Bill of Leading: – To track Ocean freight movement service uses this number

UPS Service Information: – This number is provided one time to anyone at the time of delivery

  • UPS Info Notice: – This number is provided 1 time at the time of delivery, which someone has tried. You can find more information about this below.
  • Pro Number: – The surface freight movement service uses to track this number.

UPS Mail Innovation Tracking Number

UPS mail innovation tracking numbers are different; it had a different format. It is different than UPS tracking numbers. The UPS Mail Innovation Tracking Format is provided here:

Sequence number (also MMS / MMI digit or number): UPS Mail Innovation and UPS Worldship provide an eighteen digit number internally.

The United States Postal Service Delivery Confirmation Number: the U.S., The Postal Service, provides a twenty-two-digit identification card upon request for delivery confirmation.

Mail Innovation Compliant Package ID: The shipper sends this number to each parcel, as discussed below:


  • MI-1 UPS Mail Innovation Indicator
  • XXXXXX-UPS is a 6-digit customer number specified by Mail Innovation
  • NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN — A unique number assigned by the shipper to identify a matching piece, up to 22 characters. With no spaces or symbols, use alpha and numeric characters. A similar ID shouldn’t be reused for other mail pieces for six months.

Here we have discussed the tracking number and their format used by UPS. Now you want to know how we can use this number to track your package. Not to worry, we have mentioned various methods for tracking UPS packages.

UPS Tracking

UPS Tracking Methods Method

UPS offers many ways to track UPS packages. Very few people know about each method to track their packages when using UPS delivery service, so here we are through UPS service for any Providing a list of all the ways to track the package, select the best one more suitable to track your shipment and follow the process to start using it. List of methods provided by UPS given below:

Method 1: Track Package Using UPS Tracking Number

Below are the steps to track a package using the tracking number:

Step 1: Go to UPS official site ups.com.

Step 2: Select the location and continue.

Step 3: Go to the Tracking tab and choose “Track Shipment.” In case of doubt, see the image.

Step 4: Now, Enter the Info Notice number or tracking number of your package. You can enter more than one number here and no more than 25 numbers. In case of inputting more than 1 tracking number, be sure to enter only one number per line.

Step 5: After mentioning all your tracking numbers, click on the TRACK button, and you will update with the current status of your package.

If your number is incorrect, a message will be displayed, as shown in the image below.

Step 6: Recheck your tracking number and try again. If you have entered the correct number, you contact the sender and verify it with them again.


Method 2: Tracking by UPS Package Reference

Follow the steps below to track your package by reference:

Step 1: Go to the official UPS site.

Step 2: Now, from the Tracking tab, Choose the “Track Shipment” option. See image 1.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Track by reference’ option from the left field, and you will get a form, as shown in the next image.

Step 4: Select your shipment type as Package, Consignment, or Mail Innovation.

Select the package option for a single parcel, or the weight of the shipment does not exceed 70kg / 150lbs.

Select the freight option for shipping goods of any weight. Select UPS Mail Innovation for a package that weighs less than 0.45kg / 1lb.

Step 5: Select your shipment reference. Ensure that it does not exceed 35 characters and maybe a combination of numbers as well as letters.

Step 6: Select the shipment range.

Step 7: Select an account shipping the parcel.

Step 8: If you have any other UPS account, then mention it in the next field.

Step 9: Select the destination country of your shipment that you want to track.

Step 10: After selecting a country, type the zip or postal code of the destination.

Step 11: By clicking on the TRACK button, your package tracking details will display to you After rechecking your data.

Method 3: UPS Tracking Order by Email

There are plenty of steps for tracking with the above two methods, so for those who do not have much time, UPS provides service by which you can track your shipment via email. To use this service, all you have to do is mail your tracking number to the email address [email protected] You can send more than one tracking number in case of over-shipment, but also make sure not to exceed 25. If you are tracking a package, place the tracking number in the subject line and the body, while you have multiple tracking numbers. Then all the numbers placed in the body, and you can leave the subject of the mail. In both cases, the tracking response related to all the tracking numbers you ask to sent to you at your email address. This tracking method is not available for freight.

Import Tracking Number

To use this service, you first have to register on the official site of UPS. After this, you can easily import the tracking number, and you will get the details related to that tracking number and its detailed status.

Method 4: UPS SMS Tracking

While delivering your package in UPS, you can track your UPS package through SMS also by selecting this option. Let’s find out how to use this service next time while delivering your package via UPS:

  • Go to the official site and enter the tracking number in the option on the left and select the track.
  • You redirected to the page ‘Tracking Details’
  • Choose the ‘Notify me with updates’ option to receive a notification via SMS.
  • It will ask you the type of information, select the SMS test message type.
  • Choose the option. Add a new number.
  • Enter the mobile number details to proceed. Now, confirm your mobile number.
  • Confirm the number, and you will start receiving SMS notification related to the package’s tracking details.
  • If you have a UPS account, you will get the option to select ‘Remember this number,’ and if you select your number will be saved, and it will be available to track any package next time.

Note: You only have to confirm once via your number as it will not ask again unless you want to opt-out for this service. If you are opt-out, it will re-verify your number.

Method 5: UPS Express Critical Shipment Tracking

It is a UPS service that provides same-day delivery of packages. So if you want to give an ant package on an urgent basis, you can use these services. Apart from this, it also provides tracking of parcels and updates you in case of late delivery or route change, etc. From here, you will receive more information.

Method 6: Track UPS information by notice

You can track your package through another number known as the Notice Notice Number given by UPS. Sometimes, you have to choose your package from the UPS access location at your nearest location.

There are many advantages to using the UPS Info Notice number. You can easily change your package delivery address or reschedule your delivery package and get a new delivery date as per your convenience. Also, track or track package pickup via the UPS information notice number.

If you want to track your package with the help of this number, but have no idea about it, follow the step by step guide below:

Step 1: Visit UPS official site

Step 2: You will ask to select the location before proceeding, selecting, and entering hit.

Step 3: Select drop tracking ‘Track Track Shipment’ option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Type the number of your InfoNotice number (maximum number is 25 at one time) in the window.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Click Track’ button and continue.

You will get details about the InfoNotice number you want.

Note: Always make sure that you have entered the correct numbers before proceeding.

Method 7: Track through UPS Mobile Apps

If you are a frequent user of UPS service and regularly use it, then UPS provides such apps that you can easily download on your mobile phone. The best advantage of using it is that you can easily use all UPS services anytime. The UPS Mobile app provides all the services like the UPS official website, and your package can be tracked or held comfortably, and also you can find shipping rates and nearest UPS stores very quickly. Another best thing is that UPS provides apps for both Android users and Apple users. We are providing the app download link for both Apple and Google Play Store below, click on the link, and download the app, start using it.


Track with Quantum View

It gives you an understanding of every package and shipping activity. All the details associated with the shipment provided and also helps in creating custom tracking reports. It provides quantum view management that will save your valuable time, quantum view data that allows customers to enhance services and flexibility in the process of businesses, and quantum view notifications that provide the status of the shipment of essential packages by mail. We do. Through this service, USP seeks to provide better facilities to its customers. Click on this link for more information.

UPS signature tracking

It is a secure service provided by UPS that provides enhanced tracking with the best delivery data systems. With the help of this type of tracking system, streamline your billing management as well as the customer service process. UPS Signature Tracking Authorized Customers can request for package delivery information with proof: –

  • Signature photo
  • your full name
  • Your Complete Package Delivery Address

Note: To track through signatures, UPS requires that you sign in with My UPS to protect unauthorized parties from obtaining your information.

Using UPS Enhanced Tracking

UPS provides this service through UPS. As the name suggests, it provides you with a better and advanced tracking service. To use this service, you have to first register with My UPS, and then you can get the benefits provided by it. Below is a list of some of the benefits of this service:

  • Get information related to tracking in CSV file through the email system.
  • Easily track 100 tracking numbers using this service.
  • Save tracking numbers up to 50, and you will not need input number every time you use it.
  • You can receive notification regarding delivery time or delay by requesting.

Note My first registration with UPS by following steps:

  • Go to this link.
  • Enter the form. Before proceeding, make sure that you have filled the entire area marked withing *.
  • You will get the agreement to read, agree, read, select the option, and proceed to the next page.
  • Complete the fields given here and proceed.

After completing the above steps, you will get a confirmation message for the registration to complete.

UPS Track Package with “Follow My Delivery” service

The service is UPS My Choice and helps you track your package through a live map. UPS My Choice is a service started by UPS in 2011. Since My Choice provides it, you will need to register with UPS My Choice to use it. Also, this service used by UPS freight customers as well as UPS worldwide express. UPS is a very advanced service as it will track your package via a live map. It shows every step when the package leaves the delivery center and how it reaches the next destination, even when the driver relaxes or has lunch, he will give information about it. You will see every minute Will update The only limitation in this is that it will never update you about the driver’s route due to security issues.

Another advantage of using this service is live map tracking; the risk of a lost package is low. If you want to know how this service works, then this service is based on GPS tracking. The driver’s location is tracked with GPS and shown to customers with the help of a map. Once the driver takes the package, it starts showing the map, and you can easily track, and the map will disappear as soon as the package is delivered. So you can see how this technology helped companies provide better service and information and better visibility to the customer. This service is a gift for those who repeatedly check the status of their package, and for this, they have to follow several steps, but through this service, they only have to register with UPS My Choice service once. And after that, they will get this status of the shipment through the map. The service is only available for packages shipped through a premium service. Still, this service is needed to see the future era and among users who are thinking about expanding this service to the next level.

The service also provides the facility to turn off tracking-related alerts, all you need to do is log into your My Choice account and change the settings of the ‘Alerts’ option from the ‘Settings’ menu. It’s just that simple Is, and now it will stop sending you my delivery alert.

By UPS internet shipping

If you want your shipment to reach the destination via UPS in the fastest way, you search here because UPS offers an internet shipping facility that provides the best convenient way to schedule your package. Through this service, you will get your shipping process online, and that is why you will get the fastest service through this service to track your shipment through this service. Go here

UPS package tracking via RSS

Another way through which you can quickly get track of your UPS package is RSS feed. Obtain shipment tracking data via RSS feed by following these simple steps below:

Step 1: Get Package Tracking Number First

Step 2: Navigate to the RSS reader

Step 3: Using the URL below, you can develop a carrier URL for tracking:


Step 4:  now, subscribe & Select your preferred RSS reader.

Step 5: Select the above URL, copy it, and paste it on the RSS reader.

Step 6: track the package if done and other details.

These were some of the ways through which we can easily track UPS packages. Some other shipment types like ground tracks, reposts, etc. If you have selected these shipment types, read the next heading to get an introduction and their tracing methods.

UPS Ground Tracking

UPS is the most frequently used service of ground UPS, and the reason is the cheaper rates. Apart from more affordable prices, there are many advantages to using UPS ground service. Let’s talk about some of them.

Using UPS Ground, you will get:

  • Service scheduled for a date.
  • Timely package delivery guaranteed.
  • UPS ground tracking through which you will get the status of your package beforehand.
  • Cheap shipping service from other postal services like FedEx, USPS, or DHL.
  • In 1 to 5 business days your package

You can use all value-added services, assemble at delivery service, particular package handling service, as well as return service under UPS ground shipping facility. Also, you can track your UPS ground shipment using any of the above methods.

UPS Mail Innovation Tracking

United Parcel Service and USPS (U.S. Postal Service) is a mutual venture of UPS Mail Innovation (also known as UPS-MI). In this service, first, the package is selected by UPS, but delivered by USPS. UPS first collects the bags at their supply center from where the package delivered to the USPS, and then the USPS processes it and then provides it directly to the receiver’s address.

To track UPS-MI package follow these steps:

Step 1: Proceed to this website  “click here”.

Step 2: In the given form, Insert the tracking number. In case of doubt, see an image.

Note: 25 tracking numbers can add at a time.

Step 3: Click the “Track” button to proceed.

Step 4: On clicking the track option, you will get all the information related to your package.

Step 5: If you do not see tracking information and updates of your shipment, then go to the official site of USPS and track the package from there.

You should consider the following essential points:

Some items require additional time to ship or process, so first make sure that your package falls in this case or standard delivery shipment.

If you do not receive your package at the time mentioned, contact UPS customer service number or UPS-MI directly.

When contacting UPS-MI, do not mention your shipment order number and number of items not received.

For standard services,

Processing time is typically 1-2 workdays. Transit time is 3-7 business days. Therefore it may take a total of 4-9 business days for delivery of shipment via UPS-MI. Package delivery and processing are not available on weekends.

Note: Delivery days may vary for Hawaii, Alaska or International.

UPS Sure Post Tracking

UPS Pure Post is the USPS does a UPS service that uses UPS ground service for shipping packages via UPS and final delivery to the shipping address. It is why for UPS Sure Post Tracking, you will get two tracking numbers each from both UPS and USPS.

This package offers six mailing options by weight:


  • Packages weigh less than one pound.
  • Packages with media items must not exceed 108 inches in length.
  • Other packages less than one pound in weight should not exceed 130 inches in length.
  • Packages weigh more than one pound.
  • Packages with media and bound printed items

The benefits of using assured post are that it is more cost-effective than ground service, but if you want a faster delivery, then this would not be a good option as it takes longer to deliver the shipment.

If you have a USP My Choice account, you can upgrade your package from the Assured post to Surface service, and you will be given your package one day before standard delivery time, but upgrades charge extra.

For UPS Pure Post Tracking of the package, you can use and follow the above steps and methods, visit the official site and track the package by tracking number or email etc. In case of any doubt, you can contact. UPS. Up com tracking

UPS Freight Tracking

It is another service provided by UPS to track freight services. You can follow in two ways by the PRO number provided at the time of package shipping, or you can also track by reference. Click here to get more information about UPS freight service.

You can also go to this video.


UPS always strives to provide the best services to its customer and hence continuously improves tracking services to provide the best user experience. Using any of the above methods, you can easily track your shipment via UPS. If you have any doubt related to the article, you can contact us by commenting in the comment box below if you find our stuff useful and share it with your friends and family.



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