How to Request UPS change of Address?

Most UPS customers give their delivery address where they are available, but for several reasons, they sometimes need to change their address. Most of the time, it happens that we need to change the delivery address immediately, and we do not know if it is possible or not. That is why I have prepared this post.

How to Request UPS change of Address?

UPS Change of address

UPS My Choice gives an address change option before the first delivery attempt. So you can log in to your My Choice account, and you will see this option inside your account. Using the opportunity, you can easily redirect your package to another address or redirect it to another delivery or choose the day, date, or time. It is a straightforward two-step process, and the only thing you need is my account of choice and your order UPS tracking number.

You will always need to check if your order address is eligible for the option’s UPS to change? Some items, such as high-value merchandise, perishable items, prescription medicine, may require a receiver’s address. The best thing about the change of address option for UPS is that if you are redirecting your package to UPS store locations, UPS customer centers or UPS access point locations, then something to reschedule or change the address of destination There will also be no additional charge. Whereas my choice would be to be told by UPS members that if they are not premium members, then some fee will have to be paid for the change of address for the UPS package. This service is free for premium members.

If you are not a member of UPS My Choice and need the option to change the delivery address for your package before attempting the first delivery, contact the sender. If you will request

In this article, we have discussed whether we can request to change the delivery address for the UPS package. UPS change of address is free for premium members or for redirecting your order to UPS store locations, customer centers, or access points; otherwise, some amount is required to be paid by you. Also, rescheduling your UPS package may have different delivery days, dates, or times.

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