How to Find Nearest UPS Drop Off or Drop Box Facility

UPS has more than 40,000 locations around the world, so you should also have UPS drop off. But the main thing is that we do not have time to go, and it is becoming more and more difficult to find and search on the internet. Even I encountered this problem sometimes when I was out of station for some business work, and I was required to deliver some papers on the same day. AS UPS provides the best service in terms of same-day delivery, so I only choose to go with this parcel company.

I prepared the papers, put them on the cover, put the necessary information on its cover, and started searching for the drop-off location. So I asked my colleague, he told me that the fall of which was far away from my present site was then I searched the internet to find the nearest drop off location and then go back there to drop the package. While returning, I got the idea of what would happen if I already knew how to find the nearest drop would be elementary and time saving for me. We feel that we are very familiar with our neighborhood, but in this type of situation, some times we get nervous and forget to find a solution or get into trouble. The answer to such a situation is prior knowledge or information; thus, we can see the solution easily.

UPS Drop Off or Drop Box Facility

UPS distributes over 14 million parcels daily, and over 7 million people use its services in every country. So most of the people have to face the problem mentioned by me daily. To overcome this problem, I discovered all the ways we can easily find the UPS drop box location and summarize it in this article. Here we will discuss drop off boxes and drop off locations of UPS around the world and show them different ways to find them at your nearest location.

UPS drop off

UPS always ensures that its customers get the best services as to why they provide different services so that their customers can easily reach them. USP provides services to UPS Drop Off, where you can collect your package by selecting your nearest drop-off. It is not necessary that you only have to choose the closest drop off, you can choose any place of your choice as you leave UPS and collect it from there. Hence UPS has their drop off location worldwide. Whenever you feel the need for UPS drop off, I am sure that if you get it, you can find one of them near you. There are many ways you can find the nearest drop of UPS and collect your package from there, and in this article, we are going to discuss how to find UPS drop off location near you.

We will also provide a map here through which you can directly locate UPS drop-off centers.

Ways to find the UPS drop off near me

In the world, there are many ways to find the UPS drop off point anywhere. We are discussing here three ways through which you can find out the drop-off point of UPS near you. To know more, have a look below:

To find ups drop off locations near me- Use the map

We are providing a map below, which shows the nearest UPS drop off locations, have a look at it, and find the most suitable place for you and also get the direction of that location from your area and you will get from your site to that location Can drive right now. Below is the map:



The best feature of this map is that it automatically tracks your location and shows you the nearest location where you will get the facility up-off. A map will show different drop locations so that you can compare their distance from your place and select the most suitable one according to your convenience.


There are other methods through which we can find UPS drop off location through search engine searches like maps or Google maps, but they take longer to produce results than this map. How? When you were putting your place in the search engine, it showed you the results, or even Google Maps asks you to input the location or open your GPS so that it automatically tracks your location. And then, it shows the result. But using the map shown above, it is effortless to find the drop off location of UPS as it will show you the place without asking questions or following steps.


So use this map and find out the appropriate location of UPS drop near you and schedule your parcel there and collect the coming day.


Find UPS Drop Off Locations Using Locator


UPS is always ready to provide the best services for those who wanted to ship their package, and hence it is also giving drop off facilities. In this article, we discuss different ways how we can find UPS drop off.

To find the nearest UPS drop off using these steps :


Step 1: First, open the official site of UPS.

Step 2: Select the ‘Location’ tab at the top of the site home page.

Step 3: Enter the name of your place in the box. Now, select the option ‘Track my current location.’

Step 4: From the More Options tab, select the drop off location option and click on the search button, and when clicked, you will be shown all UPS drop-offs near the location input. The list of those places is also shown along with the full address and closing time

So choose the most suitable location that is readily available by you.

Apart from these, UPS also has UPS Access point network in the selected country for people with busy schedules or wants to deliver their packages on an immediate basis. It provides you with flexible hours of work which you can leave or choose anytime Can. Get the complete details of your package UPS heading under the next heading, where we have discussed all its features, including steps to find the nearest local access point.

Drop off at UPS access point

UPS access points are readily available locations near you. The service is provided by the local business, which facilitates pick up and drop off parcels. They are the best because they provide customers with flexible hours for drop-off and also take convenience by offering evening and weekend hours. Over 2000 UPS access point locations exist in various countries.

What type of Packages UPS access point accept?

There are some points you should keep in mind before dropping your parcel at the UPS access point. Points are as discussed below.

  • Parcels weighing more than 20 kg are not allowed.
  • Parcels longer than 80 cm in length are not permitted.
  • Only packages that have a value of less than £ 3,000 are allowed.
  • The total size of the package should be less than 330 cm in joint and length and should not exceed this limit.
  • It is necessary to include a commercial invoice for any international parcel.

You must have a photo ID issued by the government when collecting the package unless the package will not be able to receive it.

Drop off services offered by the UPS Access Point Network

There are two types of services offered by the UPS access point, which we are discussing below:

Parcel delivery from UPS access point to door- This service helps you deliver your parcel to any UPS access point, and then it will be delivered by UPS to the destination address. Sometimes you may not find the time to wait for parcel collection and are willing to give the package, but you will have to wait for pick up as you have no other option. It is where this service of UPS access point will be useful for you because all you have to do is leave your package at the access point of your nearest UPS and the UPS driver will collect your parcel from there and then your package. The destination address you provided will be delivered. It is an advantage that will save you time. Another advantage of using this service is that you will save at least £ 1.50 if you choose this service instead of door to door service.


Parcel delivery from a UPS access point to another UPS access point – This service is used to send parcels from the sender’s UPS access point to the receiver’s UPS access point. Sometimes, you send some packages via UPS, but you do not know if the receiver is available to receive the package there. You can choose between UPS sender and receiver’s UPS access point for parcel delivery from UPS. So in this way, you can send your parcel as per your convenience, and the driver will collect your parcel from your local access point and deliver it to the recipient’s access point. The receiver can collect its parcel for its local UPS access point according to its available time. Another advantage of using this service is that you can save at least £ 2.50 if you are opting for this service instead of door to door service for parcel delivery for UPS. Therefore, it is best to use these services as; you can save our time as well as money.


UPS Access Point service is not currently available in all countries. Countries like Spain, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Netherlands, and Sweden, etc. where services are available. So you can get the benefit only in some countries otherwise Regular UPS services are currently available in other countries. You can save more on parcel delivery than door to door service.


You may be wondering how you can find any UPS access point near your place, so don’t worry! In the next heading, we will tell you to step by step procedure to find the UPS access point location.


How to find UPS Access Point places near me?

After seeing huge success, UPS plans to expand its local access points to other areas as well, and it is expected that soon they will launch it in other locations as well. Below are the steps through which you can find the UPS access point around your location and quickly drop or pick up your parcel.

Apply the following steps for getting the UPS access point:


Step 1: Go to UPS today. Click on this link for a direct visit to the site from here.

Step 2: Now, click on the link, the Home page gets to appear in front of you. At the top of the site, there is an option available through which you can select the desired country of your choice. Click on the flag icon of the country for which you want this service.

Note: This step is necessary to know the prices and services as they may differ in different countries.

Step 3: After selecting your desired location, you will be shown only the services and other information about the countries. On the tab bar, click on the UPS Access Points tab. You can see the image below for reference.

Through clicking on this link, you can proceed directly to that page.

Step 4: After making the selection, you will be redirected to the UPS Access Information page. Scroll to the end of the page here, and you will see a window as shown in the image below.

Step 5: In the box label with ‘Town or Postcode,’ type the name of your city, city, or the Pincode number of your city.

Step 6: If your country is not the default country, select your country from the drop-down menu. After completing steps 5 and 6, click on the search button.

Step 7: After clicking on the search button, a new window will be shown below the search bar, showing a map of the nearest UPS access point locations. The image below is a sample image showing search results for the city and Paris and the country’ France.

In the map shown above, we can see that five places are shown in the city of Paris where UPS access points exist and below the map, all the locations are given in a list form, where their distance from your location is mentioned in front of them. Is. You can also see a tab in front of each location labeled as ‘More Info.’ Click the option to get more information related to that particular access point. The More Details option will show you the full address of the venue and the opening and closing times of the entire week. By time and distance, you can select the best UPS access point suitable for your convenience. Get direct directions from here; for this, you have to search on any map or app.

So through these steps, you can easily find the local access PIN of UPS, where you can quickly drop or collect your parcel as per your appropriate time. If you do not find the option of your city or country, this service is not available in your area. Wait for UPS to start in your area as well. We will update you as soon as UPS starts this service in a new area. Visit our site regularly to get these updates as we update all the information related to UPS.


You may have heard the name of Staples or Amazon. Right? UPS also offers to drop off with Amazon and Staples. Staples is an office supply chain founded in 1991 with stores across the US, while Amazon is an e-commerce company that offers all types of products online. Certainly, give the ability by which we can leave or select packages using Staples UPS drop off services.  As they provide you with labels and contact UPS for the package, this does your job easier. For AMAZON UPS like UPS tracking,  Amazon provided a tracking facility through which you will get information about your package.


UPS Drop Box

The UPS Drop Box is a self-service location that accepts UPS services. Sometimes we want last-minute shipments, or sometimes we want a late pickup schedule compared to real-time, but UPS has time for all its services, which is why if you want to use UPS service, So you should know the UPS pickup hours, but this problem is solved by UPS drop ox. Added Features of drop boxes are discussed. The drop box facility provided by UPS has several features. Let’s focus on some important things:


  • Parcels you ship to drop boxes not only to domestic locations but also to international shipments.
  • You will also get any important supplies related to shipping to the nearest UPS dropbox.
  • For parcels, price a higher price of $ 500 for each package.
  • You can leave your package with a maximum size of -16in.x13in.x3in.
  • A similar restriction is applicable in packages with high value or dangerous shipping materials.


Those were the characteristics. Now the benefits of using UPS drop box are as discuss here:

The UPS drop box location will accept all levels of UPS services.

  • You can get UPS drop boxes Sunday to Saturday and sometimes even 24 hours, so it is best for those who have a very busy or tight schedule throughout the week.
  • Another feature that you will find is that you can reschedule your pickup at any time before an emergency or for any other reason.
  • It is best when you need to ship your parcel at the very last minute, so use the search drop box and service you have.

UPS has provided over 40,000 drop boxes at various locations. It is confirmed that you also have one or more UPS drop boxes in your neighborhood, all you have to do is find one of them and next time, Use this for immediate shipment requirements. To make the work easier for you, we provide you ways through which you can easily find the drop box near you. Let’s read it.

Ways to find up drop box near me

Among peoples, UPS drop boxes hold very popularity. More drop boxes will be planned to open by UPS. Now, we tell you here, How can you get drop boxes and explained properly. We are discussing two ways by which you can easily find drop boxes near you, one of them is to use the UPS locator to find it, or you can find the drop box location right now. You can use our map directly to apply.

To find drop box locations near me- use the map.

One way is to find the nearest UPS drop box using the Google Maps feature. This map can be used as a friend who knows the places you have to visit. But there is a lot of time to consume to track any location through Google Maps, first you have to select the current location and then the destination, and then it will show the result, but we have more easy to find UPS drop box store near you Providing the way. The above map shows the nearest drop box to the UPS near you. You can choose any of them suitable for you and follow the road map to the location.

Now you must be thinking of how this map shows you the result without taking any information from you. This map automatically detects your current location and searches for drop box locations closest to UPS and shows the results on the map. Amazing. Yes, it is because it saves your time of manually inserting your current and destination location to get results. Also, if you want to get more detailed information about a particular place, you do not need to search for it because you can only get information from this map. How? Here I am telling you. Choose the location for which you want details. After that, click on the icon on the map representing the location for which you want the details. A box will open containing all the details like address phone number, instructions, etc. You can also look at store reviews and choose the best drop box among all that you have. Click the ‘Get Directions’ option from the information box and map to reach the location.

UPS services are increasing day by day and increasing day by day so that you may have UPS services in your neighborhood, but sometimes people search. There are difficult times. We do not need to worry as we have provided you the map through which you will easily find any UPS drop box store. This map usually provides the shortest route to the location. Hence, the UPS drop box is not too close to your location, so through this map, you can find the shortest route to the drop box which will take a lot of your time and fuel Will save Now you know about all the UPS drop box locations near you. Another method is by using the UPS store locator through which you can get the same results. Since this locator is provided by the official UPS site and is updated regularly, it is known that it will produce more accurate results. So in case of any doubt, use this locator. You can also contact the UPS customer service number in case of any query.

Use the locator to find the nearest UPS dropbox.

Another way is to find the nearest UPS drop box using the UPS locator. Go to the link ups.com/drop-off and enter the location for which you want the result, and it will show you all the options for UPS drop off. To get the drop off box, un select other selected options like UPS center, etc. and select the drop box, after that, the map will show the result. By clicking on any icon on the map, you will get complete information about the drop box at that location, and also you can follow the given directions to reach the place with the fastest route. You will not get any pickup service from UPS Drop Box on weekends, so make sure you have a UPS address before using UPS services like UPS Drops or Drop Box.


The advantage of using the UPS locator over other methods to find the location is that it is provided and maintained by the UPS, so all the information in this locator is simply directing a put or update by the UPS authorities and incorrect from the locator Or receiving unclear information. It Is equal to zero. It is best to use the locator in case of any doubt related to information about UPS service stores. Please read our article in which we have provided a step-by-step method to use UPS Store Locator easily and according to your service or choice.

The conclusion

UPS services such as drop off and pick up facilities are very popular among UPS customers. It gives you an idea about UPS’s two services, i.e., UPS drop down and UPS drop box. You get to know about UPS drop off and how to locate the place around you. Here we have discussed two methods: through our map, and the other was through UPS locator; both methods are good in their way. The map saves you time, while the locator is officially updated by UPS so that the probability of receiving ambiguous information is zero. The other methods that we have discussed were the UPS access point location and different ways to find one of these. The next topic we covered Another popular service about UPS is UPS Drop Box. Two methods provided by us UPS Locator and Map are discussed. You can use any method according to your situation and naturalness because both are good in their way.

I hope this article helps to solve your query. If you still have any questions or doubts, you can contact us by a comment in the comment box, we will reply as soon as possible in a day. If you find this article useful and informative, share it with your friends, family, and others in your circle so that they can get information. In case you did not find what you were looking for, please let us know and visit our site regularly. We update our site regularly.

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