How to Handle UPS Packages During the Coronavirus [COVID-19]

During this critical time, when corona virus is spreading so fast and people around the world need to take additional safety measures to stay safe from this contagious disease. We all need to follow updated guidelines by the WHO to be safe from corona virus.

UPS workers are following all safety measures such as:

  • Wash hands after some time,
  • Cleaning vehicle,
  • Sanitary equipment,
  • Social distancing,
  • Cover your face and hands while working,
  • Sneezing/coughing in elbows etc.

All these safeguards are necessary to protect yourself and others from this infectious virus. Customers who are using UPS services these days are also advised to follow these precautions for security purpose.

UPS is providing all WHO guidelines for its employees as the safety of their employees is essential for the safety of customers. UPS cares for all its employees, suppliers, customers. The delivery facility is available in corona virus lockdown.

UPS service during corona virus [COVID -19]

However, UPS services have been suspended for shipment of packages from all locations. In some locations, there are also many changes in the committed time of packages.

Even in this corona virus pandemic, you can easily tack your parcels by using UPS online services. UPS is taking extra care of everyone (users as well as their workers) to be safe from this corona virus disease. If there are any other changes to the services available UPS (United Parcel Services). We will update you immediately. But as of now, there has been no change in UPS services in the United States.

Due to corona virus UPS in some countries, delivery services have been suspended in some countries. But in the United States, such changes do not occur in UPS services. All people are advised to take safety measures to enjoy UPS facilities.

All packages are delivered to customers with appropriate security measures. Proper hygiene is taken care of during the shipment of products/packages. All deliveries are timed to Permitted locations. Users can track the status of package delivery online on UPS official website i.e. UPS.COM.

For any query or concern, customers can contact their local UPS service providers. They are all available during their working hours. Please take appropriate security measures and contact them online instead of visiting the offices. Check the status of the package; sanitize the parcel before receiving or using it once. In this critical situation, taking care to protect yourself from corona virus disease is the only option.

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